Tertulia 6: The Common interest

Speaker: Paz Ponce Moderated by Felipe Cusicanqui Departing from the Arendtian notion of “the common interest” (weltliche Bezug), that takes interest in the symbols, collective archetypes and temporary needs bounding us together as a society, the curator Paz Ponce will show us her collaborative project presented in the XIII Havana Biennale as well as her networking structure that puts together different actors and collectives that have chosen Berlin as their artistic axis. This networks or crossroads have generated diverse experimental artistic educational programs, workshops that […]

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Tertulia 5: Managing new displacements from Geography

Speaker: Rodolfo Andaur Moderated by: José Délano Concentrating on the North of Chile and its borders as fields of inquiry, Andaur has developed his desert exploration trip called “Managing New Displacements from Geography”. Under the context of this project he has examined architecture, cultures, ethnicities, and artistic practices within those desert landscapes in order to build a resource platform with a socio-spatial analysis of all those geopolitical intersections. Throughout this curatorial platform, Andaur has connected with visual artists, researchers, and curators in order to gain […]

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Tertulia 4: Berliner booklets – over the city’s history and present

Speaker: Florian Wüst and Valeria Fahrenkrog Moderated by: Marcela Moraga The Berliner Hefte zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der Stadt (Berliner booklets – over the city’s history and present) are a series of publications that unite artistic practices, essays and activism. The issues thematize on social, cultural and economic changes in Berlin and other cities. Through this, they intervene in urban-political debates offering an historic and reflective point of view that is informative too. The Berliner Hefte can also be understood as a productive nexus, open […]

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Raue Strömung

Galerie Eigenheim – Berlin From June 15th – 29th, 2017 Among the Mapuches, native of the territory that presently belongs to Chile, lies a cosmogonic myth of special significance for its symbolic content: the confrontation between the serpent of the waters, Cai Cai Vilu, and the serpent of the earth, Treng Treng Vilu. Making clear reference to the archetype of the universal flood, the story tells how Cai Cai Vilu tries to flood the earth and make it disappear, while it defends itself by retreating, […]

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