Tertulia 5: Managing new displacements from Geography

Speaker: Rodolfo Andaur

Moderated by: José Délano

Concentrating on the North of Chile and its borders as fields of inquiry, Andaur has developed his desert exploration trip called “Managing New Displacements from Geography”. Under the context of this project he has examined architecture, cultures, ethnicities, and artistic practices within those desert landscapes in order to build a resource platform with a socio-spatial analysis of all those geopolitical intersections. Throughout this curatorial platform, Andaur has connected with visual artists, researchers, and curators in order to gain a better understanding of South American contemporary art practices and its importance within the cultural ecosystem of the region.

Rodolfo Andaur:
Curator born in Iquique, Chile. He has been coordinator of various contemporary art projects from northern Chile, promoting local artistic practices in relation to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru. Furthermore He has also received grants for international curatorial residencies in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and United States. He is currently part of the academic staff of the Diploma in Critical and Curatorial Studies at Adolfo Ibáñez University in Santiago de Chile. He also writes about exhibitions and the methodologies of various visual artists’ projects in Artishock, ATLAS and Rotunda Magazine.


Date: 24th of March, 2018
Place: GloglauAir