Kap Hoorn is a platform for Latin American artists, curators and other positions of the visual arts field who reside in Berlin. Our objective is to unite the very diversified Latin American artistic scene and promote interaction, exchange and dialogue with the local Berlin artistic community.

Until now and for decades, very talented and dedicated people who have come to Berlin, with a south and central American origin, have given very valuable individual explorations in their field without dialoguing on common grounds and differences with their peers, making a common rich discussion and investigation not fulfilled. Here we aim the opposite.

We are a group of artists and professionals of art and cultures, that share not only our place of origin and displacement but also our concerns, processes and the development strategies of our artistic endeavours. We believe that by promoting artistic creation, meeting points, communication channels and the understanding of the local structures in an organised and united manner, we can build a space that will allow us to show the existent talent and quality of Latin American art represented in many different artistic disciplines.

Our main objective is to set up a scene, in Berlin and Germany, that will promote the discussion and diffusion of a Latin American idea with the local German artistic community.


As a nonprofit platform (Gemeinnützig gUG), our intention is to organically shape the artistic Latin American landscape by generating knowledge networks, creation/representation instances and content support. 

The working strategies that will guide us in the accomplishment of our objectives are defined like this: collaborative work, creation and visibility. 
We use our Tertulias, festivals, open calls, exhibitions, workshops and publications to further achieve our goals.