Tertulia 8: DECENTERED Informal practices in the public space

Speaker: Oscar Ardila

Moderated by: Teo Lagos

A review of how fine arts have recently been able to shape and consolidate informal spaces of participation in urban and rural settings in Colombia. These spaces have acknowledged the urgency of implementing devices to promote democratic participation; setting up a frame for minimum standards of citizen behaviour or the strengthening of representative platforms for collectivities framed in a time of post-conflict.

Oscar Ardila Luna:
(Bucaramanga – Colombia, 1977)

Artist and art historian who’s work revolves around the contemporary artistic representations of memory in public spaces. His research include citizen and artistic initiatives that take place in Colombia and Germany. Among his publications, “La Imposibilidad de la Naturaleza: Arte y naturaleza en el arte colombiano contemporáneo 1991 – 2003″ y “Campos de Memoria: Intervenciones artísticas en el espacio público en Colombia 2000 – 2011” can be highlighted. Recently, he was awarded the Investigation in Visual Arts Grant from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Colombia to work in relation to the Performance Festival in Cali. He studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia where he later was awarded a master’s a degree in “The Theory of History and Art, Architecture and the City”. He also holds a master’s degree in Art in Context from the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. Currently, he is part of the artistic project Citizen Art Days.


Date: 24th of April, 2018

Place: GlogauAIir