Professional orientation program & networking event between Latin American artists and representatives of the Berlin artistic scene.

¡n[s]urgênç!as 2018 was a professional networking event and an orientation program among Latin American artists and representatives of the Berlin art scene, organized by AGORA Collective e.V. in Berlin between 15 and 30 September 2018, under the direction of curators Paz Ponce and Daniela Labra, in cooperation with the Kap Hoorn platform and with the support of the Berlin Senate as part of the financing program “Weltoffenes Berlin 2018”. Conceived as a series of 8 meetings with Spanish-speaking experts (via personalized critical tutoring, artistic communication workshop, portfolio viewing, professional dinner, public presentation), the program aims to support artists who, due to their critical artistic practice, have difficulty continuing their careers in their country of origin. The program was accessed through an open call to Latin American artists who had arrived in Berlin in the last three years. 

The program culminated on Saturday 29.09.18, in a public program of events and the creation of a digital archive (, which offered a space for discussion, presentation and representation of processes, strategies and heterogeneous artistic trajectories integrated in the problematization of the idea of ​​”insurgency”, open to a new context of reception. The publication of this file is accompanied by a critical essay by independent researcher and art historian Sebastián Eduardo as a memory of the entire program.

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