José Délano

Santiago, Chile, 1978
Visual Artist / Designer

Works between comissioned and self initiated projects. His work focus
on the subject each project has in order to determine a specific formal
approach; a process that avoids stylistic tendencies and categorizations.
Has a vast experience in projects relating space, interaction,
representation and storytelling, which evolve in projects under labels
such as: installation, public intervention, sculpture, exhibition design,
film making and editorial design.


Bachelor in Integral Design, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
Master in Visual Communication, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK

Some projects / exhibitions:

“Movimientos de Tierra” (2017), exposición colectiva, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Chile
“Zwischen Räumen” (2017), co-curator, ZKR Berlin, Germany
“Newcomers” (2016), Public Intervention, Berlin, Germany.
“Zoomorfología Salvaje” (2014), Main Hall installation, Centro Cultural La Moneda, Santiago, Chile.
“Windows” (2013), Public Intervention for the Venice Art Biennale, Venice, Italy.