Marco Montiel-Soto

Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1976
Visual Artist

Marco Montiel-Soto, as traveller and immigrant, constantly finds himself returning forward. During these expeditions, the route becomes imaginary and travel time elastic. His work and installations are a creolization of architectural structures, collected found objects, sounds compositions, videos, photographs, drawings, collages, texts and maps. His work explores the intersections between political and poetic territories, homeland, traditions, economy, archaeology, religion, myths, death, cosmos and chaos.


Masterstudiengang Sound Studies, Akustische Kommunikation. Universität der Künste. Berlin, Germany
School of Photography Julio Vengoechea. Maracaibo, Venezuela

Some projects / exhibitions:

Recent solo exhibitions include: “Arrivederci Maracaibo”, Davide Gallo, Milano (2016); TOD IN DIE TROPISCHE ERDE: “Por favor no me dejen morir”. Noticias desde un limbo tropical, MACZUL – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia, Maracaibo (2015); “Point of No Return”, Vesselroom Project, Berlin (2015); “Arqueología en la memoria de las familias de San Antón”, Lamosa, Cuenca (2015).

Recent and current exhibitions include: “DOCUMENTA 14”, Every time a Ear Di Soun, Athens and Kassel (2017); “JeJu Biennale” 2017, Tourism. Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju (2017); “The Conundrum of Imagination on the paradigm of exploration and discovery”, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (2017); “Onomatopeyas visuales de tiempos difíciles”, Carmen Araujo arte, Caracas (2017); “Besides Colonisation”, Galeria José de la Fuente, Santander (2017); “Correspondencias de Ultramar”, Sala Mendoza, Caracas (2017); “The Incantation of the Disquieting Muse”, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin (2016); “Viaja y no lo escribas”, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2016); “Feelings of my thatched hut, Grimmuseum”, Berlin (2016); “We do the Voodoo”, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam (2016); “Something Else – Off Biennale”, Cairo (2015); “Now & After”, Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moskow (2015); “The inclination of the Angle”, Junefirst Gallery, Berlin (2015); “Appropriating language #6”, Maniere Noire, Berlin (2015) and “Alusiones”, Carmen Araujo arte, Caracas (2015).